Enjoy Safe Air When You Book A Private Jet Charter

Private jet charter is superior for service and privacy. It is the best choice for air travel because it is safer as well. You can rest assured that you will not have any issues with air quality when you fly with us. These are some of the things that make it all possible.

  • Exclusive Filtration Systems
  • HEPA Filters
  • Fewer People

Expect The Cleanest Private Jet Air Quality

When you fly in your private jet with us, we provide 100% clean air. That means that we have the air professionally cleaned to ensure your safety. Not only that, but it smells better too. Our system circulates the air every two minutes to ensure the highest quality for our exclusive clients. That allows you to know, as a private chartered client, that you are in the best environment possible. Your flight is safer with us. That is a real comfort these days.

HEPA Filters Make It Possible

HEPA filters are one of the best ways to bring the best air quality possible to the jets for you. They clean 99.7% of the things that make you get sick. These days, you can not be too careful. Avoid the fears of Covid-19, and all the variants, by using the exclusive service provided with us. Now you can fly with the care of World Wide Jet, and feel completely safe knowing that the air you are breathing protects you and your guests. We take pride in providing the very best in-flight experience. You are always in the safest breathing environment with us.

Fewer People Means Fewer Germs

One of the easiest benefits of a private charter is that there are fewer people in the cabin. Fewer people equal fewer germs. As long as you know the people that are with you, if you have guests, then there is less likely that you will have germs in the cabin. It is such a simple thing, but it is hugely important. From the airport pick-up to boarding, you will notice the difference. You do not need the same concern as a commercial flight.

Fly with our pilots at World Wide Jet. We provide that higher level of air quality to keep you safer and free of the germs that you can encounter with the competition. The days of germs may still continue into the future, but you can feel safer knowing that you never need to worry with us.

The Superior Air Quality in Private Jets Explained

The quality of the air you breathe is very important. It will determine the state of the health of your respiratory system. After all, airborne viruses and bacteria are common causes of respiratory illnesses. As you plan your next flight, consider using a means that offers you the best air quality. Private jets offer this. The air in the jet’s cabin is clean and safe to inhale. How is this achieved?

100% Fresh Air Systems 

Many private jets have a 100% fresh air system in place. Through this, the air in the cabin is entirely replaced every two minutes. The outside air is let into the plane through the engine. Here, it is compressed and then cooled before being let into the cabin. Harmful bacteria and viruses are removed and then the air is pumped into the cabin. It circulates here and after a few minutes, it is let out. The cycle continues ensuring that there is a continuous replacement of used air with fresh air from outside.

HEPA Filters and Recirculated Air Systems

Do you know how your car’s air conditioning works? By recirculating the air in the car, only mixing it with a small amount of fresh air. HEPA filters fitted on some private jets work in a similar manner. These are highly effective filters that take air from the cabin, clean it and mix it with some fresh air before releasing it back into the cabin. The actual amount of fresh air added will differ from one system to the other. HEPA filters are effective in removing 99.97% of contaminants. The main advantage of recirculated air is that the humidity and temperature levels are controlled easily.

Does the jet you charter use recirculated air with HEPA filters or 100%? You can find out by looking at the specifications of the model.

Low Occupancy Means Less Air Contamination

Which is safer? Flying on a 300-capacity airliner or a private jet charter that only carries the passengers you want? The air in a private jet is definitely cleaner than on a commercial plane. With low occupancy, the chances of viruses and bacteria filling the air are low. Since you fly with people you know, you are less likely to contact an unfamiliar illness on your flight.

The cabin on private jets is usually spacious and allows the occupants enough personal space. You will be breathing in the fresh air every time you inhale. A private jet is a way to go if you worry about the air you breathe in closed spaces.

How is the Air in Private Jets Maintained at Its Best?

When you book a private jet charter you want to trust that you are getting the best of everything. You will fly comfortably and without having to waste time queuing before boarding. The cabin is fitted with the most luxurious seats, entertainment systems, and all luxuries you would find at a five-star hotel. What about the air you breathe while up there? Is it top in quality? Yes. There are many ways in which jets ensure occupants get the highest quality of air.

100% Fresh Air Systems

This is a system that continuously expels air from the cabin and replaces it with fresh air from outside. This air is let in through the engines. From here, the air is compressed and sterilized before it is let into the cabin. This clean air circulates in the cabins and is removed through valves and vents as more air comes in. This cycle goes on for as long as the plane’s engines are running. The air in the cabin is replaced every two or three minutes.

Worldwide Jet Hawker 800XP

Recirculated Air Systems

These are systems that work like the car’s air conditioning. They clean and circulate the same air in the cabin. The air is mixed with some fresh air, cleaned, and then recirculated in the cabin. The percentage of fresh air added in every cycle differs from one make to the other. To ensure that the air is at its safest, the cabins in private jets are fitted with HEPA filters. These are advanced filtering systems with the ability to trap bacteria and virus particles removing them from the air.

The main advantage of the recirculated air system is that it makes it easy to control the air’s humidity and temperatures.

Fresh vs Recirculated Air

Which type of air circulation is in the jet I choose? You can find a jet with either. You can choose a plane that has your preferred type of circulation. No matter which one you choose, you can rest easy knowing that the air you breathe in is safe and free of any contaminants. With the systems ensuring the perfect flow of air, the possibility of airborne microorganisms being spread is very low. This has become an increased concern, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the world. Some other considerations to bear in mind when choosing a jet to hire are:

  • Size and capacity of the jet
  • Luggage limitation
  • Pet-friendliness
  • Additional services are available such as cooking, hotel reservations, etc.

Is the air in private jets cleaner than the one on a commercial flight? Most commercial planes use HEPA filters to ensure sufficient air circulation in the cabin. This means that the air quality may be the same as that of a private jet. However, the jet has one advantage. You will not be seated in close proximity to others because the cabin is spacious. This means that exposure to airborne viruses is significantly reduced in jets.

When it comes to medical transportation, choosing the right option can make all the difference. While traditional ambulance services and commercial flights are still available, more and more patients are opting for private medical flights to get the care they need. Private medical flights offer a number of benefits over other forms of transportation. For one, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be traveling with medical professionals who are dedicated to your care. These flights are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed by highly trained healthcare providers, so you can feel confident that you’ll receive top-notch care throughout your journey.

3 Crucial Luggage-Limit Tips on Private Jets

While many people associate hiring private jets with class, some do it for efficiency. For instance, there are many things you can’t do onboard a commercial airline. The restrictions may worsen if you have massive luggage due to limited space. In addition, commercial jets will charge you an excessive amount even for the luggage types and limits they allow.

private jet charter luggage limit tips


Some Advantages of Hiring Private Jets

One of the best ways to solve luggage problems while traveling is to book a private jet. Depending on your choice, private jets offer enough space to travel seamlessly. The companies operate special jets designed for personal traveling needs. Also, the private jet option lets you board with your pets at no additional cost.

Private airlines accept considerably large items like Golf Clubs and Snowboarding equipment. The plenty of luggage room makes it easier to carry many suitcases, necessary for longer holidays. If you were to go on a holiday vacation, you’d stay away from home for long. Therefore, a private airline gives you the chance to carry everything you’ll need for the whole period. Here are some questions to ask yourself when selecting a private jet for your next trip.

  • How Long am I Going to Stay Away? – The duration you’ll take away plays an essential role in determining the jet size to hire. For example, if you’re to spend months away from home, you’ll have to carry many items. Therefore, you’ll want to go for a large jet luggage allowance. However, if you were to take a few days, a light jet luggage option would serve you well.
  • How Many Passengers Do I Have? – You need to know the total number of people who will be traveling with you. If you’re only two passengers, then the light jet luggage option will be your ideal choice. Traveling with many passengers will require supper-midsize or large jet luggage allowance even if you won’t spend several days away. Having many people on board increases the luggage amount, requiring more space.
  • How Long is the Journey? – Longer journeys are usually tiresome, calling for private jets with onboard resting facilities. So, if you’re looking for a jet that will fly you miles away, you’ll need one with a couch or a bedroom where you can enjoy some rest. The large jet luggage allowance category is always suitable for long flights.

Reputable agencies like private jet charter understand the private jet traveling concepts. They guide you accordingly to select the most appropriate option for your luggage with luggage-limit tips on private jets.

The Best Way to Travel with Your Pet on Air

Pets are adorable members of the family. They make our lives interesting and fun. With a pet by your side, there is not a single moment of dullness. This explains why leaving your pet behind while going for a trip is always an unpleasant experience. However, you may be accustomed to flying all the time, but the same cannot be said for our furry friends.

Traveling onboard a plane can be a tremendously scary experience for your pet. So, how can you fly comfortably with your reptile or your four-legged friend?

Use Pet-Friendly Charter Flights

If you enjoy the company of your pets thoroughly and you want to take them with you wherever you go, use private plane flights. Most of the air travel companies that offer these services are aware of the customer’s needs. They know that you want to travel comfortably. And if you’ve brought your furry friend along, she is also a worthy passenger.

A pet-friendly charter flight goes above and beyond to accommodate your pet on board. Be it a cat, a reptile, a dog, or a bird, you can rest assured that your pet will be with you every step of the way. Unlike large commercial airlines, a private jet charter allows you to sit side by side with your pet in the cabin.

Fly with Your Pet in the Cabin Instead of Cargo Hold

Pets are easily traumatized by unfamiliar people or places. If you fly with an airline that prefers to keep pets in the cargo hold, chances are that your friend will be depressed. In most cases, you will want your pet to be your travel companion. But if your furry friend will be in the cargo hold for the entire time, what’s the point? Private jet charter services are the perfect flying partners because they allow you and your pets to travel together as you wish.

Traveling with your Pet in Commercial Flight Cabin and Private Jet Charter

While some commercial flights will allow you to bring your pet to the cabin, the experience could still be stressful for the domesticated animal. For example, there are going to be many unfamiliar faces in the cabin. Although some passengers will be friendly to your pet, others might be uncomfortable. Additionally, flying with your pet in the cabin of a commercial plane denies them the opportunity to roam freely. In a private jet charter, your friend can move around and play throughout the flight.

So, are you planning to travel with your pet soon? Ensure that your friend will be as comfortable as possible throughout the journey with aircraft safety & security.

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