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New CDC Testing Guidelines

PHOENIX (May 10, 2021) — The CDC has issued new guidance on the use of telehealth administered “rapid self-tests.” Since March of 2021, Worldwide Jet has been working with eMed, the leading telehealth company working with Abbott Labs and their BinaxNow rapid self-tests. Since our partnership, we have been using these tests to monitor crew health within our 72-hour testing protocol.

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CDC Issues New Guidance, Worldwide Jet is Prepared

New CDC Mask Order

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued an order requiring all travelers to wear masks for the duration of all aspects of your travel experience. This applies to all commercial and charter flights, while awaiting, boarding, during flight and disembarking within the airport and FBO environment.

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Your safety from the Virus is our number one concern.

Our Worldwide Jet team is team is constantly assessing our “CovidClean” protocols and adjusting our procedures.

In January 2021, we began implementing testing for flight crew members every 72 hours, beginning 72 hours prior to reporting for their duty rotation, and every 72 hours while on rotation.

While unprecedented in the private air charter industry, these strict testing measures are necessary. It is imperative that Worldwide Jet continues to lead the way providing the safest work environment for our employees, and the safest way to travel for you, our valued clients.

The pandemic was a game-changer for us, and now that we have our “CovidClean” program in place, it’s here to stay. Even after vaccines are administered, and even after it seems safe, we’ll always operate as if another pandemic is coming.

What safety measures are you taking?

  • Your private chartered flight is cleaned according to the CDC guidelines
  • Cleaning crews wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Are you taking any extra precautions?

Our enhanced cleaning procedures include:

  • Cleaning of porous (soft) surfaces such as cloth seat belts, cloth seats, carpeting, seat covers, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Cleaning of non-porous (hard) surfaces (i.e., leather or vinyl seats) including armrests, plastic and metal parts of the seats and seat backs, tray tables, seat belt latches, light and air controls, cabin crew call button, overhead compartment handles, adjacent walls, bulkheads, windows and window shades, as well as individual video monitors
  • Cleaning of non-porous (hard) surfaces with disinfectant products with EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claims that are expected to be effective against the Virus that cause COVID-19 (SARS-CoV2) and ensuring these products are compatible with aircraft surfaces and components

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COVIDCLEAN™ is the industry’s only true end-to-end COVID-19 protective program in place.

COVIDCLEAN™ by Worldwide Jet provides the only ongoing Crew Testing Process, verifying all of our crewmembers and frontline employees are tested for the COVID-19 virus on a regular basis.   We were the first to require Passenger Health Declarations.  We were one of the first to implement Personal Protective Equipment to be worn by our crews while on board all flights and made available to all passengers.

While we at Worldwide Jet pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our planes, we have now gone a step further by adopting an intensive aircraft sanitization process. This includes disinfecting all areas of our aircraft with products recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and the use of area foggers to ensure that every inch of the aircraft is disinfected.

How are you keeping your crews safe?

  • We are keeping our crews safe with three additional safety measures
  • Up-to-the-minute data alerts consultants and operational team members of specific restrictions to travel and the situation on the ground in terms of the spread of the Virus
  • Verifying that crew members are in compliance with their obligations under federal regulations to ensure they are safe and free of the coronavirus before, during, and after reporting for duty, and that crews keep their aircraft sanitized and safe before and after each flight
  • All crew, clients and their guests are subject to screening before they arrive at the airport ensuring there is no risk of exposure to the Virus

Worldwide Jet is partnered with eMed™

Worldwide Jet is partnered with eMed to provide additional safety and peace of mind to our passengers and crew members. Before flying, eMed administers an at-home COVID-19 rapid test remotely by a Certified Guide, demonstrating why COVIDCLEAN™ by Worldwide Jet is the only way to fly. With eMed, passengers can now:

  • Receive a virtually guided test session available 24/7
  • Attain verified and validated results in 15 minutes through an app
  • Fly safely with confidence

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