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Worldwide Jet prides itself on being an industry leader in security and safety practices. In February of 2020, as COVID-19 was in its beginning stages in the United States, Worldwide Jet began researching mitigation strategies to ensure we continue to provide the safest environment for our passengers, crewmembers, and employees.  We have used our decades of operational experience to tap into a network of medical professionals, utilize World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control resources and our human resources on the ground around the world to develop and implement our COVIDCLEAN™ program. Our Company Physician and Pilot Registered Nurse are a constant source of the latest developments as we continue the fight against COVID-19.

Safety Protocols

  • Ongoing COVID-19 testing for crewmembers
  • Aircraft cleaning and sterilization pre and post flight
  • Flight crew best practices protocols
  • PPE provided for all passengers upon request
  • Aircraft cleaning and sterilization post-flight
  • Crew pre-flight health questionnaire, upon request

What do you need to do?

COVIDCLEAN™ is INCLUDED!  That’s right, when you book your flight with Worldwide Jet, COVIDCLEAN is our Standard Operating Procedure!  We have created the industry model so our passengers and clients can be assured they are getting the best COVID-19  program in the industry.

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COVIDCLEAN™ is the industry’s only true end-to-end COVID-19 protective program in place.

COVIDCLEAN™ by Worldwide Jet provides the only ongoing Crew Testing Process, verifying all of our crewmembers and frontline employees are tested for the COVID-19 virus on a regular basis.   We were the first to require Passenger Health Declarations.  We were one of the first to implement Personal Protective Equipment to be worn by our crews while on board all flights and made available to all passengers.

While we at Worldwide Jet pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our planes, we have now gone a step further by adopting an intensive aircraft sanitization process. This includes disinfecting all areas of our aircraft with products recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and the use of area foggers to ensure that every inch of the aircraft is disinfected.

What Worldwide Jet is doing to help stop COVID-19:

  • Our flight crewmembers are being tested regularly;
  • All crewmembers are wearing face masks and nitrile gloves throughout the flight, from beginning to end, and changing out gloves as necessary throughout the flight;
  • Regularly disinfecting our aircraft with CDC approved Clorox Healthcare Fusion Cleaner/Disinfectant and PDI SANI-CLOTH PLUS Germicidal Disposable Cloths;
  • Disinfectant Foggers are deployed during post flight as an added measure to assist in the disinfecting of surfaces and materials;
  • Discussing and reviewing updates daily, and Leadership Team meetings, three times per week; and reminding all team members to lead by example with best hygiene practices;
  • Dishes to be sent in for High Temperature Cleaning, or provide single-use disposable dishware and cutlery to ensure sterility; Cabin amenities such as blankets, linens, bedding to be professionally cleaned after each use;
  • Removed decorative hand towels in the lavs and replaced with disposable hand towels only;
  • Ensure plenty of soap and hand sanitizer is available in the lavs and galleys for passengers and crew;
  • Providing disposable or “no-touch” thermometers to each aircraft to check crews and passengers if they begin to feel ill during flight;
  • Requiring a Traveler’s Health Declaration/Questionnaire

Wordwide Jet has partnered with MedTech Air

Worldwide Jet has partnered with MedTech Air to provide to provide an additional level of safety and assurance while flying on our fleet. With MedTech Air’s proprietary videoconferencing and telemedicine, you will be able to take advantage of the following services, once again, demonstrating that COVIDCLEAN™ by Worldwide Jet is the only way fly:

  • Personal Telemed Preflight Screening of each passenger
  • Personal Telemed Preflight Screening of each crewmember
  • Sanitization coordination with FBOs and ground transport services
MedTech Air

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